Bangkok Mysterious

This tour is to explore the diversity of Bangkok, the city of a multi-pot of religious, cultures and customs. To explore hidden places where different cultures and religions co-exist in this big city. 

We wills start the day at the old quarter of Bangkok where is off the tourist tracts where you can enjoy and take your time visit Wat Sutat unique temples , Samranrat street of Buddha image shops, Hindu shrine, Chinese shrine (Tiger temple) , Pahurat Indian community , The craft community of arm bowl making at Ban Bat.  Try out real Thai food at a traditional community where you may enjoy a cup of coffee along the way. 

Our trip is very flexible. You may make a stop to try out local delicacies any time.

Typical visit :

  • Wat Saket
  • Samranrat road, Pahurat India community
  • Hindu shrine. Giant swing 
  • Ban Bat (arm bowl making community)
  • Tiger temple (Chinese shrine)

Dress code :

skirts or long trousers (knee length or longer) but the weather quite warm during the day, but it would be handy to carry a scarf or sarong in your bag pack where necessary to cover your shoulder or wear a skirt for going into a temple. It is recommended to wear comfort walking shoes.

Things to prepare :

Sun screen, hat and comfortable walking shoes because this trip is worth walking through the area of the community.


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